Secrets for English Language Learners

On this page I’ll be sharing lessons and resources I’ve prepared for my students over the years, including grammar handouts and quizzes.  I’ll be updating often, so be sure to check back frequently.  And remember, if you need help, please contact me to schedule a lesson. I conduct lessons with students from all over the world via Skype and email.

  • Lesson # 1 Talking about the future

How many ways are there to talk about the future?  I counted six.  That’s right – 6!!

Most students think of “will” and “be going to,” and many students use these incorrectly:

Example: I once asked a student if she was going to be in town over holiday break, and she replied “No, I will go to Florida.”  This is not proper English!

Click here for the answer and for information about the six ways to talk about the future.

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  • Lesson # 2 Asking “Why?”

Why are you studying English?  That’s a good question, but how many other ways can you think of to ask it?  I can think of two other ways to say “Why.”  Click here to learn them.



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