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First impressions are everything. Let me help you make a good one.

Words are important. When used effectively, they can inspire, encourage, and persuade. They can open new doors and bring light to the darkness. Using the right words in the right way, one can capture the attention of potential new customers, one can clarify complex concepts, or one can force an individual to reconsider long-held beliefs.

Words have the power to make or break careers. Just as a poorly written website, brochure, or cover letter will end up deleted or at the bottom of a trash bin, a powerfully written one will provoke action, making its readers not only sit up and take notice, but behave in a way that you—as the writer—desire.  That’s why having a good editor can make all the difference in the world!

Likewise, when speaking, it is of the utmost importance to convey your message clearly and persuasively so that your message will have the intended effect on your audience. Nobody will be intrigued by a presentation that they cannot understand or do not care about!

When it comes to expressing oneself clearly and concisely, some people are at a disadvantage. Non-native speakers, in particular, often face difficulties due to pronunciation issues, incorrect grammar, or imprecise word choice. And to make matters worse, a lack of confidence in their English skills might show through in their written or spoken presentation.

Even native speakers can find effective verbal expression a challenge because, let’s face it,  when it comes to language skills, not all people are created equal. Some have a knack for words, others for numbers, and others for painting or auto-mechanics. The truth is, we’re not all born with a love of language.  The good news is that some of us who are language lovers, (like me), are here to help you convey your messages in the most effective way possible.

A grammar nerd and wordsmith with a hawk’s eye for detail, I help people express themselves clearly and concisely in written or spoken language. With an advanced degree and special training in journalism, ESL, and linguistics, I work with native and non-native speakers on projects ranging from personal to professional and everything in between.

I edit academic papers for publication and provide academic consultation; I write personal and professional correspondence; I edit novels, self-help books, and memoirs; I write marketing emails and content for blogs, print materials and websites. (And the list doesn’t stop there…..)

Contact me today to learn more and to see how I can help you make a good first impression!


About Me

Michelle Kleinhans - 1024px    A former advertising and marketing executive, I now teach ESL and Business Communications at Mercer University  in Atlanta part-time while running my editing/writing/tutoring business on the side. I have a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and a master’s degree in Applied Linguistics.

When I’m not busy writing, teaching, or editing, I’m likely to be reading, hiking, playing classical piano, or volunteering.