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First impressions are everything. Let me help you make a good one.

Imagine working overtime to get a project completed –12-hour days and back-to-back weekends — only to discover that the final product contains grammatical errors, typos, weak word choice, inconsistencies or other flaws.

Or maybe you’re a small business owner aspiring to take it to the next level, envisioning powerful promotional materials that will help your sales soar.  But writing’s just not your thing. You have the vision and ideas, but expressing them clearly and concisely is a challenge.  And besides, you’ve never been great with grammar.

Or perhaps you’re expected to present your company’s products at a conference where there will be lots of important people.  It’s the opportunity of a lifetime!  Unfortunately, you don’t feel confident about your slide presentation.

Why not let a trained grammarian and wordsmith transform your work?  I can fix the errors, rewrite it for you, or just provide advice, whatever is needed to give you confidence, to help you impress.

Whether it’s a resume revision, a web site, a children’s book or novel, an e-mail campaign, print brochure, or newsletter I can help your words!